before the flood

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Last night, I watched the documentary Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a moving film with many vital visuals. The documentary followed a timeline of Leo’s involvement in the environmental movement; this made it easy to connect to as it explained the basics of the issue at hand. The premise of the documentary was showing the catastrophic issues that will occur once the glaciers melt and the water level continues to rise. Island nations that have resided for centuries will be forced to move, Miami is going to undergo major infrastructural changes, and the problem will eventually reach New York City as well. Overall, I rate this documentary an A+ and suggest it as a primary film for people just entering the concern over climate change.

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the face behind the page

My name is Olivia, the creator of Earth First, and I am student with a passion to leave a positive impact on the planet. I am studying Business Economics and Sustainable Business at Fordham University, located in the Bronx, New York. I have developed a strong desire to protect the environment and all of its organisms. Not only do I want a greener tomorrow, but I crave a world where individuals can live in freedom and peace. Through my studies, I hope to lead a future career and lifestyle among the intersection of business, environmentalism, and social justice.

I made the site with the purpose of sharing things in my life and in the world I find important, interesting, and entertaining. My posts will range from books I am reading to sustainable lifestyle hacks. I strive to lead a life of happiness, simplicity, and perseverance. Earth First will expose the inner workings of my mind and embody the changes we need to make a better tomorrow.